Application of Sports Simulations to Basketball


  • J. Granda


This work focuses its attention on the development of a computer software program to evaluate and improve perceptive anticipation and decision making in open-tasks characterized by the presence of an intelligent opponent. This kind of task defines the structure of group sports. The identification of anticipated actions, expectations and the temporary pressure associated with individual power attacks lead the player to perform what Alain and Proteau called advance movements. When they happen, advance movements are initiated before the oppenent starts its movement. Continuing previous lines of study, this work presents research conducted with young basketball players and physical education students to determine the existence of different abilities of anticipation and decision-making among the people in these groups. This study was carried out using the computer software "Reflex," developed for members of the research group "Motricidad en la Educación Física y el Deporte en las etapas iniciales".
KEY WORDS: Perceptive anticipation, decision-making, team sport, computer simulation


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Author Biography

J. Granda

Facultad de Educación y Humanidades. Universidad de Granada





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