Analysis of thought of novice teachers in Physical Education by means of the use of both quantitative and qualitative techniques


  • J. Granda


In the ambit of the educational research in particular, and in that of the social sciences as a rule, we find positions faced between the advocates of the large two paradigms or perspectives of research: the positivist or quantitative research and the naturalist (also designated etnography, phenomenologic, interpretive) or qualitative research. They are many the voices that advocate by adopting eclactical positions, where both paradigms are complemented and enriched with this the research, in contrast to conceptual inflexibility situations, of intellectual reductionism that prejudice instead of favoring the advance of the background. The study that is collected in this I articulate uses this by of complement between both methods, with the purpose of finding relationships between the different category found in the educational behavioral study of teacher in physical education novels.
KEY WORDS: Research education methodology. Teacher thinking. Initial formation. Novice teachers of Physical Education.


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J. Granda

Escuela Universitaria de Magisterio de MelillaUniversidad de Granada





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