Dehydration and fuid replacement in futsal players: Effects of an intervention programme on the dehydration during competition

J. C. Barbero, C. Castagna, J. Granda


his work has a double purpose, on one hand, to know the dehydration of a futsal team during the competition, and on the other, to assess the effects of an intervention programme, which last fifteen days, in order to make players aware of the importance of hydration in sport performance and avoid processes of dehydration during the competition and training. Three official matches were evaluated, the first before the intervention programme and the second and the third in the following two weeks. The mean of the dehydration in the three marches were 1.7±1.0%, 0.8±0.8% and 0.9±0.7%, respectively. Comparing the dehydration values of the first match (before the intervention) with the following two matches (during and after the programme) we find significant differences during the half time (and the end of the match. Results give us the idea that the futsal players, despite having many opportunities to drink enough fluid, don´t drink all they need and reach a high dehydration that could affect players´ performance. The use of strategies to improve fluid replacement produces a significant decrease of the dehydration during the competition. KEY WORDS: Fluid replacement, dehydration, futsal and competition.




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