Physical activity and sport demands in the free time of individuals of the university community from Almería

A.I. Hernández, M.E. García, A. Oña



Our population corresponds to the total of individuals of the university community from Almería. The subjects were 2.088, to select the subjects we assumed ± 2% of sample mistake and a level of reliable equal to 95.5 %. The procedure to select the subjects has been a stratified sampling with proportional affixment. We used a stratification by groups of age and sex for the staff of University. We used a stratification by Faculties and Schools by studies, courses and sex. This investigation pretend to know the availability and occupation for the leisure, attitudes and behaviors with respect to the physical activity and sport practice of leisure, evolution about the participations in the Sports Service, behaviors of the current practitioners in the Sports Service and in other offer and the demand activities. To stand out in the results: Few availability of free time in the occupational days, with respect to the weekend or holidays; high interest toward physical and sport practice; low percentage of those who never they have practiced; the principal motive of those who have abandoned it is the lack of time; the current practitioners develop their physical and sport activity outside of the University; demand for the future offer of the Sports Service of the University of Almería emphasizes the offer in weekend, continued activities, courses, on holidays and the Rector Trophy.
KEY WORDS: phsycial and sports leisure activities, university, demand.


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