Training process of specific in-service teachers training in a multiple system of categories of speech analysis in a working group of Physical Education teachers


  • J. Viciana


In the development of this article we expose the carried out process to form and to train coders of a written speech, with the purpose of processing and analyzing texts audio product of recordings in formation meetings between professors of Obligatory Secondary Education in Physical Education (PE). This process was carried out in an investigation on the permanent formation of the teaching staff of PE, product of a presented doctoral thesis in 1996 in the University of Granada. For that reason we began explaining briefly in what the global investigation consists, we continued describing the complexity that locks up the analysis of a great volume of information written like result of the dialogue between professors, which does necessary to train to a series of coders for texts. Next we explained the process of training carried out and concluded with the strategies followed in this process, with the purpose of contributing like a tool to other investigators.
KEY WORDS: Physical Education, In-service teachers training, Analysis of speech, Coders training.


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J. Viciana

Departamento de Educación Física y Deportiva Universidad de Granada





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