Study Weightlifting booted movement during cycles of high intensity repetitions using kinematic analysis


  • J. Campos
  • P. Poletaev
  • A. Cuesta
  • C. Pablos
  • J. Tébar


Power capacity is one of the keys to optimizing athletic performance. In weihtllifting, it is necessary to train the atlete to generate the maximum muscular force at the most higher speed. The purpose of this study was to describe the kinematic characteristics of the snatch technique of the individual pattern of an elite spanish weightlifter during different sets of high intensity repetitions (90% of 1RM). Two syncronized s-VHS cameras operating at 50 fields were used to record the lifts. Correlation analysis and coefficient of variation was used to compare the selected variables. Results revealed that the mayority of the variables, except vertical acceleration of the bar and lost of height during drop under the barbell, show a low index of variability (CV: 1 to 6 %). Furthemore, it was observed that stability is bigger in sets with less barbell mass. For the future, it is proposed to applied the same methodology to 3, 4 and 5RM.
KEY WORDS: Snatch; Kinematics; Weightlifting; Strength; Power.


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Author Biographies

J. Campos

Universidad de Valencia

P. Poletaev

Federación Española de Halterofilia

A. Cuesta

Universidad de Valencia

C. Pablos

Universidad de Valencia

J. Tébar

Universidad de Valencia





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