Upper Limbs Strength Training With Individual Maximal Power Loads: Analysis Of Acute Effects On Mechanical Power


  • E. Iglesias
  • I. Clavel San Emeterio


The purpose of this study was to measure the acute effect of two explosive strength sessions on mechanical performance. In order to do that, 1 repetition maximum and maximum power load were obtained in 9 men. The experimental procedure begun five days after and it involved two training sessions. 7 bouts of 3 repetitions at maximum power load of bench press were developed in every session with a minimum rest period of three minutes. Power developed at 90% 1RM and at maximum power load were measured before and after every training day. Finally it was carried out a postest measuring. Although repeted-measures ANOVA showed significant differences between measurements at 90% 1RM , statistics analysis did not show significant differences regarding to before-after every sessions contrasts, and between measuring at maximum power load. Also, we did not find significant 1RM correlation with performance differences before-after session. Finally, it was found significant correlation between maximum strength and % 1RM associated to developed maximum power at postest.
KEY WORDS: strength, contrast load, bench press, power.


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Author Biographies

E. Iglesias

INEF Galicia (Universidade de A Coruña).

I. Clavel San Emeterio

Tercer Ciclo (Universidade de A Coruña)





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