Physical self-concept in primary education. A proposal for a measurement tool


  • Juan Granda Vera Universidad de Granada
  • Inmaculada Alemany Arrebola Universidad de Granada
  • Adela Cortijo Cantos Servicio de Menores


This research has two main goals: (a) setting up a valid and reliable tool under the form of a questionnaire to measure physical self-concept; and (b) checking the factor structure of that questionnaire “Physical Self on Primary Students” (PSPS) through a factor analysis. Accordingly, we drew up a tool consisting of 20 items that was delivered to 330 students during an initial pilot stage, and to 692 students during a second stage, all of them being 5th and 6th primary grade students. The results reveal the existence of a four dimensional mode, since the indexes found in the confirmatory factorial analysis show a reasonably suitable adjustment of the model. Thus, the GFI index provides values of .827 and .773 for the AGFI. At the same time, the c2 provides a value of 1043.64 (P = .000) with 104 degrees of freedom. The value of the IFC is .862, close to the subjective cut-off point to consider it a model of fair representation of the observed data. PSP-PS showed as a valid and reliable tool, easy to apply to primary students. It could contribute to detect, prevent and/or intervene in students with low self-esteem.


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Author Biographies

Juan Granda Vera, Universidad de Granada

Departamento de Didáctica de la Expresión Corporal

Titular de Universidad

Inmaculada Alemany Arrebola, Universidad de Granada

Profesora Contratada Docotora

Departamento de Psicología Evolutiva y de la Educación

Adela Cortijo Cantos, Servicio de Menores

Consejeria de Bienestar Social

Ciudad Autónoma de Melilla






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