Process of training codifiers to study the teachers’ diaries in Physical Education


  • J. Medina


The research into Physical Education (P.E.) teacher training has evolved into a new subject called Practical Knowledge, which has demanded the use of new research techniques (personal documents), from amongst which I would like to point out the diary due to its applicability. The study and analysis of the information on P.E. teachers gathered in the diary necessitates the Knowledge and application on the part of the researcher of a technique of analysis such as contents analysis. There has been some work done on this subject in which the contents analysis is described along with its application in the P.E. teaching field. Due to the importance of this technique and limited experience in its application in this field, the author seeks, through his work, to establish a valid methodology for the appropriate use of the contents analysis in the study of Physical Education teacher diaries. This methodology is mainly characterized by the training in codifiers to enable the carrying out of the contents analysis.
KEY WORDS: Training in codifiers, diaries, contents analysis, Practical Knowledge, Physical Education teacher training, Physical Education teaching


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J. Medina

Facultad de Ciencias de la Actividad Física y del Deporte





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