Content analysis in Physical Education teaching research


  • M. A. Delgado
  • F. del Villar


Researchers in the Physical Education area frequently find hard problems to analyse the verbal data achieved by jeans of observational techniques. In order to analyse these data, it is necessary to apply a technique of qualitative data and an intermediate or transitory process known as content analysis. In 1993, in the Faculty of Sports Science, we studied four diaries of teachers in training by means of content analysis. In this essay, the authors shows how content analysis work, which is its process, the kind of content analysis that may be used, and which are the content analysis characteristics. Here the process to code trainers is explained, which is a basic phase within this analysis technique. Finally, here we find the process followed in a specific application of content analysis to study the teachers’ thinking.

KEY WORDS: teaching Physical Education, observational techniques, content analysis process


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