Variability principle as a determining factor in individual tactics of male volleyball serve of an international level


  • A. Ureña
  • J. A. Santos
  • M. Martínez
  • R. Calvo
  • E. Hernández
  • A. Oña


The research in male volleyball of high level in the last years grants to serve a great importance in the evolution of this sport. The technique of serving employee is revealed as a decisive factor, however we don’t know if the performance of this action stays in an uniform way or it varies as the encounter lapses. In this way the objective of the present study is to know the evolution of the performance in the course of the competition, differentiating the mensurations in sets.
As a sample to the survey, they took the players of the Olympic Games of Atlanta in 1996, the last international volleyball competition of the highest importance. They where twelve male national teams, confronted in 42 matches, and distributed in 149 sets. 33 sets of male competition were used, they were singled out from 14 matches of which 2030 cases of serve change were recorded .
It was found that the variable Set it influences, in a highly significant way, the reception performance, what suggests us certain demands in the strategic position of the serve.
KEY WORDS: volleyball, serve, reception, high performance, variability.


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