Main points of attention of Physical Education teachers in their first years of teaching practice


  • J. Viciana


The content of the present article summarizes from two perspective, quantitative and a other qualitative one, the centers of attention of the Physical Education’s teachers (PE), in the first years of its educational profession. The quantitative perspective, analyzes the significant differences (Statistica 4,0) between the beliefs of a group of professors studied during a formative process, centering to us in those dimensions that obtained these differences and therefore, are reason for high preoccupation by the teachers. The qualitative perspective, analyzes the speech of the teachers studied during 18 sessions of formation, through the program Analysis Qualitative Data 3,0, emphasizing the more frequent thematic categories and therefore of more appearance and preoccupation by the teachers studied during its sessions of formation. Also ilustratives maps appear, with text examples of these thematic categories to observe the different directions that take the interests from the teachers. The results show that from both perspective, a common direction of the attention centers is observed towards the learning of the students.
KEY WORDS: Centers of attention, practical knowledge in PE, in-service teacher training


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J. Viciana

Departamento de Educación Física y DeportivaUniversidad de Granada





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