Analysis in reflection levels in speech. Application from the Physical Education in-service teachers trainer perspective and sport training

J. Viciana, M.A. Delgado, F. Del Villar


In this article we expose the existing problems in the analysis of the reflection levels of the speech, either of physical education teachers or of sports trainers, in order to improve this aspect and to establish formative programs or to provide feedback to imporove this competency and the performance of the sportsmen. We define the concepts of reflection type and reflection levels, establishing between them a relationship of correspondence. We establish a classification of three reflection levels to analyze in physical education any topic and after that, we expose the example of an investigation about inservice-training of physical education teachers where we apply the exposed classification. Finally we suggest some topics which can be approached from the investigation to train physical education teachers or sports trainers.
KEY WORDS: Reflection Levels, Physical Education In-service Teachers Training, Sports Trainers Traininig.


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