Construction and validation of three instruments for the technical evaluation of progress, high jump and shot put


  • A. Valero
  • A. Conde Sánchez
  • M. Delgado Fernández
  • J.L. Conde Caveda



The assessment at school athletics shouldn’t only be centered in performance, other elements should be taken into account as technical mastering during the performance of athletics gestures. One of the most advisable instruments for its evaluation are registry sheets, although there are not many proyjects and books where they appear and there is almost no research where registry sheet have been tested. The aim of this study was to validate three instruments for the technical observation of athletic walk, high jump and shot put, where 88 pupils of fourth year of Primary Education. The reliability among the observers was obtained by means of “Kappa of Cohen” measurement which was acceptable. For the validation of the register sheets were used among the alpha coeficient of Cronbach, the difficulty index, the discrimination index and factorial analisis getting a high internal consistency and showing the validity of the construct.
KEY WORDS: validation, technical, assessment, athletics.


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Author Biographies

A. Valero

EE.PP. SAFA, Úbeda

A. Conde Sánchez

Universidad de Jaén

M. Delgado Fernández

Universidad de Granada

J.L. Conde Caveda

Universidad de Granada





Original Research