General Characteristics of Municipal Sports Services in Castilla-La Mancha


  • L. Gallardo


The sport sector is versatile and is subjeced to a continuous evolution, for that seems evident that with independence of the used management system, the organization structures should be the most flexible and open possible to be able to adapt appropriately to the changes that take. The evolution is, because, a mensuration instruments through management indicators that evaluate the effectiveness, and a legitimation source for the action. The topic object is centered in the analysis of the municipal sport services in Castilla -La Mancha, bigger than 10.000 inhabitants. In the structure type that the City Councils use to carry out their work of sport promotion and of management their sport facilities and activities, presets a slight tendency to the creation of a local autonomous organism.
KEY WORDS: Municipal, sport, services, Castilla-La Mancha


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L. Gallardo

Facultad de Ciencias de l a Actividad Física y del Deporte de Toledo. Universidad de Castilla la Mancha.





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