Standardization of the motivation scale in sport (EMD) of Brière, Vallerand, Blais and Pelletier in Mexican sportists


  • J.M. López


The objective of this study was to standardize The Scale of Motivation in Sports in Mexican athletes. It was necessary to get the original version which, as it was in French, had to be traslated into Spanish. Semantics and composition were also revised. In the first study the items discrimination was analysed by means of cross validation, the inner consistency made through Alpha of Cronbach (.8936). In the normative study all items discriminated and fiability was .8468. The analysis of the factors, which were distributed in a different way from that of the original scale. With the obtention of percentile norms the future assessment and diagnosis of Mexican athletes will be valid and can be trusted. A standardization with different population is suggested.
KEY WORDS: Scale, motivation, sports, Mexican athletes.


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J.M. López

Universidad Nacional Autónoma de MéxicoConsejo Nacional del Deporte Estudiantil





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