Exploring bariatric patients’ need for novelty in a motivational physical activity program: A qualitative study

David González-Cutre, Alejandro Jiménez-Loaisa, María Romero-Elías, Vicente J. Beltrán-Carrillo


The need for novelty has recently been proposed as a candidate basic psychological need within self-determination theory. The aim of this qualitative study was to throw more light on this issue, by exploring the perceived importance that bariatric patients gave to novelty in general life and in a physical activity program in which they participated, which included novelty support strategies. Participants were ten people (nine women and one man) aged between 31 and 59 years (M = 45.90, SD = 9.25) who had lived with morbid obesity and who had undergone bariatric surgery. Qualitative data about the importance of novelty in their life and in the physical activity program were collected through semi-structured interviews. Participants described the important role of novelty in life to break the routine and to avoid boredom, lack of interest, depression, and withdrawal from daily life activities. Regarding the physical activity program, they highlighted that the presence of novel activities was related to their curiosity, enjoyment, and knowledge acquisition. Participants indicated that novelty was a key element for the success of the program because only a traditional intervention with machines for endurance and strength training would be boring for them. This research has shown that novelty need is present in the life of bariatric surgery patients, and its satisfaction could be related to different positive outcomes and well-being in life and in an exercise context.

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