Relationship between the type, time and effect of the attack in high level female junior’s volleyball


  • G. C. Costa
  • I. Mesquita
  • P. J. Greco
  • N. N. Ferreria
  • J. C. Moraes


Currently in high-level of Volleyball Game, is unquestionable the place that the attack takes during the game and the performance of teams, what it claims to play with more speed, accuracy and attack stronger. Thus, the objective of this study was to analyze the relationship between tempo and type of attack with the effect of the attack on female youth teams in volleyball. To this end, we analyzed 1052 actions of attack of national teams that were present in the World Junior Championships. It was found that the most recurrent effect of attack was the point, with the slower attack happening with the highest frequency, as well as powerful attacks. The slower game favored the continuity of the game and the potent attack emerged from the need to overlap the opponent defensive system.
Key Words:
volleyball, tempo of attack, type of attack, effect of attack


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Author Biographies

G. C. Costa

Universidad de Porto

I. Mesquita

Universidad de Porto

P. J. Greco

Universidad Federal de Minas Gerais

N. N. Ferreria

Universidad Federal de Minas Gerais

J. C. Moraes

Universidad Federal do Rio Grande do Sul





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