Analysis of the possession ball in soccer: frequency, duration and transition


  • J. Castellano


The analysis of the complexity of soccer is still a pending subjet. The fluctuation of the behaviors that occur during the game is a difficult reality to explain and to predict. Between the possible variables, it seems to be that, the ball possession can be one of the performance indicators that can take a team to impose in the offensive game, although it is not always at score. The objective of the present study is to describe the ball possessions of both teams, to know the changes that they can generate in the organization of the team. Eleven matches of the last Euro’08 were observed, registered and analyzed, considered from the Generalizability Theory (GT). The ball possessions of both teams have been codified in each ball in game, completing it with the set pieces marked by the referee. The results show a significant grow in the number of balls in game of only one possession, in consequence that include that two or more ball possessions have been diminished.
Key Words:  Soccer, performance, notational analysis, ball possession, generalizability


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J. Castellano

Departamento de Educación Física y Depotiva. Universidad del País Vasco





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