Improvement of knowledge, procedures and attitudes of students in Secondary Education after being exposed to an intervention in Physical Education for Health


  • I. J. Pérez
  • M. Delgado


La scarce amount of works in Spain about the promotion of healthy physical education in teenagers from the educational scope provoked an intervention program, from Physical Education, to improve the conceptual, procedural and attitudinal scopes in secondary students. The intervention program (with the duration of a term) was characterised mainly by the use of a methodology in which the implication of the students, in an active and eminently reflexive way, had priority in class, under an integrative view of P.E. curriculum. In order to do so, the teaching performance made use of a series of resources such as the use of leaflets, a logbook (diary-like) or the creation of forums by means of e-mail groups in Internet. The results of the investigation reveal a highly meaningful increase (p≤0.001), in the experimental group, in the conceptual, procedural and attitudinal sections of the curriculum around the practice of health-related physical activity, with regard to a control group. Therefore, it can be concluded highlighting the suitability of the intervention program designed to the improvement of learning in every one of the mentioned scopes in secondary students.
Key words: physical activity, physical education, health promotion, educational intervention, teenagers.


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Author Biographies

I. J. Pérez

Profesor de Educación Física en E.S.O. (Granada)

M. Delgado

Departamento de Educación Física y Deportiva. Universidad de Granada.





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