The evaluation of learning in physical education. Differences according to education levels


  • A. Álvaro Sicilia
  • M. A. Delgado
  • P. Sáenz-López
  • J. I. Manzano
  • R. Varela
  • J. F. Cañadas
  • M. Gutiérrez


This paper analyzes the evaluation in primary and secondary Physical Education curriculum.  Qualitative and quantitative data were gathered using survey (n=415) and focus groups (n=57) in order to carry out the purposes of this study. Findings showed that secondary education teachers prioritized the evaluation of procedural learning while elementary education teachers gave priority to attitudinal learning. In this vein, differences in using some evaluative instruments were found. In addition, assessment was considered an important element within evaluation process for both elementary and secondary education, but secondary education teachers showed more agreement with that idea. The implications of these results with regard to teaching instructional actions in physical education classes are discussed
KEY WORDS: Curriculum, Evaluation, Physical Education, Primary Education, Secondary Education.


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Author Biographies

A. Álvaro Sicilia

Facultad de Humanidades y Ciencias de la Educación, Universidad de Almería

M. A. Delgado

Facultad de Ciencias de la Actividad Física y el Deporte, Universidad de Granada

P. Sáenz-López

Facultad de Educación, Universidad de Huelva

J. I. Manzano

Universidad CEU-San Pablo, Sevilla

R. Varela

I.E.S Los Montesillos, Dos Hermanas, Sevilla

J. F. Cañadas

C.E.P de Córdoba

M. Gutiérrez

Universidad CEU-San Pablo, Sevilla





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