Development and validity of a preliminary version of the Emotional Competence Scale in sports (ECE-D)


  • J. A. Arruza
  • S. Arribas
  • O. González
  • G. Balagué
  • S. Romero
  • L. M. Ruiz


The relevant role of emotions in competitive contexts has been widely supported in the sport psychology literature. The aim of this study was to create a valid measure of emotional development in sports. The sample is composed by 367 sportsmen/women belonging to different sporting disciplines. Analyses were performed about the antecedents and the psychometric properties of the Emotional Development Scale (Schutte, Malouff, Hall, Haggerty, Cooper, Golden & Dornhein, 1998). Results showed that, in general terms, the initially proposed four factor model was supported. Implications for considering the improvement of the applicability questionnaire are advanced.
KEY WORDS: Emotions, empathy, self-control, physical activity, sports, emotional competence


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Author Biographies

J. A. Arruza

Universidad del País Vasco

S. Arribas

Universidad del País Vasco

O. González

Universidad del País Vasco

G. Balagué

Universidad de Illinois, Chicago

S. Romero

Universidad Hispalense Sevilla

L. M. Ruiz

Universidad de Castilla La Mancha





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