Motivations, Attitudes and Habits of the students in the Sport Sciences Faculty of the Universit y of Leon (Spain)


  • D. Pérez
  • C. Requena
  • M. Zubiaur


The aim of this research study is to examine the reduction in sports activity of the students of Sciences of the Physical Activity and Sport of the University of Leon at the beginning of their studies, and the relationship between the consumption of injurious substances and their poor physical exercise. We passed a self elaborated questionnaire to students of our Faculty to analyze: 1st, motivations and attitudes of the students towards their degreeand their professional preferences; 2nd, if the reduction in sports practice had occurred at the beginning of their studies; and 3rd, which habits of consumption of tobacco and alcohol our students had before and during the studies. Results show the considerable decrease of sports activity at the beginning of the degree; the proggresive decrese in the motivation towards these studies, and, finally, the high percentage of students who consume alcohol increasing with the time, and the opposite result with tobacco.
KEY WORDS: Sports practice, attitudes, motivation, alcohol and tobacco.


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Author Biographies

D. Pérez

Universidad de León

C. Requena

Universidad de León

M. Zubiaur

Universidad de León





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