Satisfaction spinning practitioners: Development of a scale for measuring


  • I. Sanz
  • J. C. Redondo
  • P. Gutiérrez
  • G. Cuadrado



The aim of this investigation was to elaborate a scale for measuring of satisfaction about users of a service sport called “spinning”. In the study of main parameters it was employed a sample with 125 subjects who practices sport in seven different gyms from Asturias, Cantabria and Castilla y León (regional communities). As results, was obtained allowable coefficients of fiablility and validity. Statistics results will conclude in a 28 item’s scale organized in 5 subscales: satisfaction with instructor; bicycles; room; organization and others. Also correlations between different components of the scale were analysed in order to determinate what aspects was relation with general satisfaction of the users and them it would be provided an utile information for sports centre’s manager and staff of “spinning”. Finally, differences between subgroups in to the sample are studied.
KEY WORDS: satisfaction, scale, marketing, sport, spinnig, quality.


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