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Vol 3 (1997): June 1997 Application of a test of basic gymnastic ability to identify potential talents y artistic gymnastics in the generic phase of adaptation and initiation to the physical activity Abstract   PDF (Español (España))   HTML (Español (España))
López J., M. Vernetta
Vol 12 (2004): june 2004 Application of an automated protocol for the analysis of the temporal parameters of the response of reaction tennis players during the execution of split-step and volley Abstract
R. Menayo, J.P. Fuentes, V. Luis, F. J. Moreno
Vol 3 (1997): June 1997 Application of Communication and New Technologies to the field of Motor Learning Abstract   PDF (Español (España))   HTML (Español (España))
M. Martínez, A. Oña
Vol 9 (2002): December 2002 Application of Sports Simulations to Basketball Abstract   PDF (Español (España))   HTML (Español (España))
J. Granda
Vol 40 (2018): First Semester Application of tensiomyography to assess the muscle response in the lower limbs of acrobatic gymnasts Abstract   PAPER
Mercedes Vernetta Santana, Nicolas Rojas Barrionuevo, Isabel Montosa Mirón, Jesús López Bedoya
Vol 32 (2014): June 2014 Assessing adolescents’ appraisal of significant adults’ goal-involving criteria for judging their success in physical education and sport settings: a missing link in the socialization process Abstract   PAPER
Carmen Peiró-Velert, Amparo Escartí, Carmen Trigueros
Vol 25 (2010): December 2010 Assessment and influence of a training program aimed to improve the motivational climate transmitted by basketball coaches Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
C. Conde, B. J. Almagro, P. Sáenz-López, A. Domínguez, J. A. Moreno-Murcia
Vol 12 (2004): june 2004 Assessment of motor behavior and motion preíndices goalkeeper during penalty shot Abstract   PDF (Español (España))   HTML (Español (España))
F. J. Núñez, A. Bilbao, A. Bilbao, A. Raya, A. Raya, A. Oña, A. Oña
Vol 32 (2014): June 2014 Assessment of physical fitness in military and security forces: a systematic review Abstract   PAPER   TABLE
Manuel Herrador-Colmenero, Ginés Fernández-Vicente, Jonatan R. Ruiz
Vol 26 (2011): June 2011 Assessment of the placement of aquatics activities in physical education Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
A. Albarracín, J.A. Moreno-Murcia
Vol 42 (2019): First Semester Associations between trait personality and outcomes by gender in secondary physical education Abstract   PAPER
Ken Lodewyk
Vol 34 (2015): June 2015 Attention alters appearances and solves the ’many-many problem’: implications for research in skill acquisition and execution Abstract   PAPER
Raúl Sanchez García, Miguel Ángel Sebastián
Vol 36 (2016): First Semester Attitudes towards Inclusion of Students with Disabilities in Physical Education Questionnaire (AISDPE): A two-component scale in Spanish Abstract   PAPER
Raúl Reina Vaillo, Yeshayahu Hutzler, Maria Carmen Iñiguez Santiago, Juan Antonio Moreno Murcia
Vol 17 (2006): December 2006 Attributions for success and failure in Spanish team sport players Abstract   PDF (Español (España))   HTML (Español (España))
R. González-Boto, O. Molinero, R. Martínez, S. Márquez
Vol 16 (2006): June 2006 Audience and coactuacion effects in free throw Abstract   PDF (Español (España))   HTML (Español (España))
E. René González-Boto, A. Salguero, C. Tuero, S. Márquez
Vol 8 (2002): June 2002 Automatic system for penalty-kickers in soccer Abstract   PDF (Español (España))   HTML (Español (España))
J.M. Castillo, A. Oña, A. Raya, M.A. Martínez
Vol 32 (2014): June 2014 Bariatric surgery, weight loss and the role of physical activity: a systematic review Abstract   PAPER   TABLE
Manuel Moya, Artur Hernández, Jose Manuel Sarabia, Miguel Ángel Sánchez-Martos, Jose Luis Hernández-Davó, Raúl López-Grueso, Adolfo Aracil, Diego Pastor, Jaime Fernández-Fernández
Vol 41 (2018): Second Semester Benefits of exercise in solid organ transplant recipients Abstract   PAPER
Sonsoles Hernández-Sánchez
Vol 33 (2014): December 2014 Beta-alanine supplementation seems to increase physical performance and acute recovery in competitive judokas Abstract   PAPER
Raul Lopez-Grueso, Adolfo Aracil Marco, Jose Manuel Sarabia Marín, Carlos Montero Carretero
Vol 1 (1994): June 1994 BIOFEEDBACK AND SPORT: LINES OF ACTION POTENTIAL Abstract   PDF (Español (España))   HTML (Español (España))
J. F. Godoy
Vol 3 (1997): June 1997 Biofeedback: Infant asthma Abstract   PDF (Español (España))   HTML (Español (España))
L. P. Rodríguez, J. J. Nombela, J. Ponce
Vol 12 (2004): june 2004 Biomechanical analysis of countermovement jump in people with cerebral palsy Abstract   PDF (Español (España))   HTML (Español (España))
K. Gianikellis, A. Bote, J. M.ª Pulido, A. Pérez
Vol 20 (2008): June 2008 Biomechanical analysis of the support in race walking. Relationship between footprint, subtalar joint angles, and plantar pressures Abstract   PDF (Español (España))   HTML (Español (España))
J.L.L. Elvira, F.J. Vera-García, M. Meana, J.A. García
Vol 10 (2003): June 2003 Biomechanical analysis to determine the muscular intervention of ballistic stretching Abstract   PDF (Español (España))   HTML (Español (España))
K. Gianikellis, A. Vara Gazapo, A. Bote García, J. R. Muñoz Cruz
Vol 13 (2005): June 2005 Biomechanical principles of symmetrical techniques in swimming sports Abstract   PDF (Español (España))   HTML (Español (España))
A. Silva, U. Persyn, V. Colman, F. Alves
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