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Vol 30 (2013): June 2013 Firefighter performance in a specific task and its relation with fittness tests Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Rafael Sabido Solana, Juan S. Gómez Navarrete, David Barbado Murillo, Juan M. Gómez-Valadés Horrillo
Vol 10 (2003): June 2003 FITNESS ASSESSMENT IN PHYSICAL EDUCATION. OPINION OF TEACHERS Abstract   PDF (Español (España))   HTML (Español (España))
E.J. Martínez
Vol 8 (2002): June 2002 Freestyle swimming technique variations using a parachute Abstract   PDF (Español (España))   HTML (Español (España))
F. Llop, R. Arellano, C. González, F. Navarro, J.M. García
Vol 32 (2014): June 2014 From AGT to SDT, from athletes to coaches: refocusing the study of sport motivation Abstract   PAPER
Saul Alcaraz, Miquel Torregrosa, Carme Viladrich, Yago Ramis, Jaume Cruz
Vol 15 (2004): Monograph of the Third Congress of the Association held in Valencia FUN IN THE SPORT PRACTICE BASED ON HIERARCHICAL MODEL OF MOTIVATION: A STUDY WITH SPECIALIZED SPORTS ATHLETES Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
E. Carratalá, J. F. Guzmán, V. Carratalá, A. García
Vol 1 (1994): June 1994 FUNCTIONAL ANATOMIC BASIS YIELD AND STRENGTH TRAINING CHILD AND ADOLESCENT Abstract   PDF (Español (España))   HTML (Español (España))
M. Delgado
Vol 26 (2011): June 2011 Gender differences in heart rate responses to different types of physical activity in physical education classes Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
J. Sarradel, E. Generelo, J. Zaragoza, J.A. Julián, A. Abarca-Sos, B. Murillo, A. Aibar
Vol 9 (2002): December 2002 General Characteristics of Municipal Sports Services in Castilla-La Mancha Abstract   PDF (Español (España))   HTML (Español (España))
L. Gallardo
Vol 39 (2017): Second Semester Generalizability Theory Applied to Olympic Taekwondo Combats Abstract   PAPER
Cristina Menescardi, Isaac Estevan, Coral Falco, Antonio Hernández-Mendo
Vol 23 (2009): December 2009 Habits and nutrition knowledge of adolescent performance swimmers Abstract   PDF (Español (España))   HTML (Español (España))
M. Ocaña, R. Folle, C. Saldaña
Vol 30 (2013): June 2013 Habits of publication of teachers of departments didactics of corporal expression and physical education in public universities spanish Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Vicenç Hernández Hernández González, Joaquim Reverter-Masia, Carme Jové Deltell, M. Carme Mayolas Pi
Vol 30 (2013): June 2013 Healthy elements in fitness and aerobics programs of choreographies: Dance Dance Revolution, Les Mills y Base Training Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Carmen Juan Llamas
Vol 36 (2016): First Semester Heart rate reserve at ventilatory thresholds, maximal lactate steady state and maximal aerobic power in well-trained cyclists: training application Abstract   PAPER
Ricardo Morán-Navarro, Ricardo Mora-Rodríguez, Víctor Rodríguez-Rielves, Paulo De la Fuente-Pérez, Jesús G. Pallarés
Vol 23 (2009): December 2009 Heart rate response and rating of perceived exertion in novice subjects during Indoor Cycling Session Abstract   PDF (Español (España))   HTML (Español (España))
J. M. Muyor, P. A. López
Vol 25 (2010): December 2010 Hematologic changes induced by erythropoietin versus intermittent normobaric hypoxia Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
F. Sanchis-Gomar, V. E. Martinez-Bello, D. A. Martinez-Bello, A. L. Nascimento, R. García-Vallés, T. Brioche, B. Ferrando, S. Ibáñez-Sania, H. Pareja-Galeano, M.C. Gómez-Cabrera, J. Viña
Vol 37 (2016): Second Semester How do task, experience and type of stimuli constraint reaction time in school-aged individuals? Abstract   PAPER
José Miguel Lorenzo García, Francisco Javier Moreno Hernández
Vol 31 (2013): December 2013 Hydration protocol before, during after sport and physical activity Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Aritz Urdampilleta Otegi, José Miguel Martínez Sanz, Sonia Julia Sanchez, Jesus Alvarez Herms
Vol 13 (2005): June 2005 Immediate effect on vertical jumping ability after the completion of trampoline jumping Abstract   PDF (Español (España))   HTML (Español (España))
O. Viana, O. Bello, M. Fernández del Olmo, R. M. Acero
Vol 15 (2004): Monograph of the Third Congress of the Association held in Valencia IMPACT OF BODY EXPRESSION ON EMOTIONS IN THE EDUCATIONAL FIELD Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Mª Teresa Ruano Arriagada, Barriopedro Moro María Isabel
Vol 36 (2016): First Semester Impact of dynamic balance and hip abductor strength on chronic ankle instability Abstract   PAPER
Alejandro López-Valenciano, Francisco Ayala Rodríguez, José Luis López-Elvira, David Barbado Murillo, Francisco José Vera-García
Vol 15 (2004): Monograph of the Third Congress of the Association held in Valencia IMPACT OF TYPE OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITY PROGRAM ON PHYSICAL CONDITION OF ADULT WOMEN Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
A Carbonell Baeza, F. J. Núñez Sanchez, M. A. Burgos Gil, J. P. Núñez Roca, P. Padial Puche
Vol 30 (2013): June 2013 Implementation of a program to improve personal and social responsibility in physical education lessons Abstract   PDF (Español (España))
Bernardino Javier Sánchez-Alcaraz Martínez, Alberto Gómez Mármol, Alfonso Valero Valenzuela, Ernesto De la Cruz Sánchez
Vol 32 (2014): June 2014 Implications of instructional strategies in sport teaching: a nonlinear pedagogy-based approach Abstract   PAPER
Alexander Gil, Duarte Araujo, Luis García-González, Maria Perla Moreno, Fernando del Villar
Vol 17 (2006): December 2006 Implicit beliefs of ability in physical activity and sport Abstract   PDF (Español (España))   HTML (Español (España))
J. A. Moreno, A. Sicilia, D. González-Cutre, E. Cervelló
Vol 21 (2008): December 2008 Importance of the motivational climates of the other significatives on sport behaviours in Young athletes Abstract   PDF (Español (España))   HTML (Español (España))
F. M. Leo, T. García Calvo, P.A. Sánchez, F. R. Gómez, D. Sánchez
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