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Ávila, C.
Ávila, F.
Ávila, M. C.


Ayala, F.
Ayala Rodríguez, Francisco


Baena, S.
Bahamón Bhamonde Nava, José
Baiget Vidal, Ernest, Universidad de Vic (Spain)
Balagué, G.
Balagué, N.
Ballart, Pere (Spain)
Bara, M. G.
Barakat, R.
Barbado, D.
Barbado, David
Barbado, F. D.
Barbado Murillo, David, Sports Research Centre, Miguel Hernandez University, Elche (Spain)
Barbado Murillo, David, Spanish Sport Science Association (Spain)
Barbado Murillo, David
Barbero, J. C.
Barbero Alvarez, José Carlos (Spain)
Barbosa, Ana Angélica Leal, State University of Southwest Bahia (Brazil)
Barcala-Furelos, Roberto, University of Vigo (Spain)
Barnes, Claire Marie, Applied Sports Science Technology and Medicine Research Centre (A-STEM), College of Engineering, Bay Campus, Swansea University, Fabian Way, Swansea, Wales, SA1 8EN., and; Engineering Behaviour Analytics in Sport and Exercise (E-BASE) Research group, Coll (United Kingdom)
Barrantes-Brais, Kristy

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